Panels  & Programming


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Panel & Event Information

Legends Trivia (Event)

Cantina Night (Event)

Storytelling in a Shared Universe

Legends 101

Make Mine Marvel

How to Write Star Wars Good

Young Artist’s Workshop

21 Days to a Novel

New Jedi Order

Supernatural Encounters

Continuing Adventures of Legends

In Conversation with Sean Stewart

History of Space Opera

Non-Fiction Fiction

Star Wars Memories

In Conversation with Mike Hansen

Star Wars Memories

Non-Fiction Fiction

History of Space Opera

In Conversation with Sean Stewart

In Conversation with Randy Stradley

That’s No Moon: Star Wars Planetary Science

Panel Announcement: Star Wars Epic Collections

Women of Legends

LARP Workshop with Sean Stewart

In Conversation With Corinna Bechko

The Star Wars Costume Clubs

In Conversation With Michael Stackpole

Q(EU)eers In Space


Additional Programming & Events

Our Special Guests will be participating in panels, signings, and other activities throughout the weekend.

Cosplay photoshoots and meetups will occur throughout the weekend.

In addition to the three panel halls there will be a room dedicated to tabletop gaming and other activities.

Saturday night will feature an evening party with hearty hors d’oeuvres and an exciting swag bag that includes exclusives! Tickets to the party can be purchased on our Eventbrite as a ticket add-on.

Other events at Legends Con will include a trivia contest, fanfilm festival and a swap meet for Expanded Universe books & comics.

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