Leadership Team

Legends Con is an entirely fan-run event and we have many wonderful volunteers who are working hard to bring this convention to life! Our core leadership team consists of:


Executive Director – Katherine: Katherine has been a fan of Legends since she discovered a copy of Ambush on Corellia in the back of her middle school library. From there she found the Jude Watson books, and voraciously read her way through the majority of Star Wars books and comics available to her. Katherine is a leader within the major Star Wars global costuming organizations, sitting on the global council of The Rebel Legion, and serving as the local director of a Saber Guild temple. She is also the founder of the LGBTQ+ affinity group for the major SW costume clubs, Pride Squadron. Her event planning experience includes a highly successful queer comics convention at her undergraduate university, which hosted roughly three dozen professional guests and 200 attendees. Since then, in her role as global leadership for the Rebel Legion she has run three large scale webathon events that featured interviews with Star Wars authors, actors, artists, and other professionals. She has years of experience interacting with Lucasfilm Fan Relations, and is excited to put her skills and experience to use to bring you an unforgettable event!


Events Coordinator – Corinthia: Corinthia has five years of convention planning and venue coordination experience for a trade nonprofit in her home state of Oregon, and has over a decade of experience in graphic design, illustration, and various other creative ventures. She has also been doing administration and moderation for various fanclubs for many, many years, and currently leads and maintains a Star Wars forum called the Eternal Sith Empire. Corinthia is passionate about welcoming and engaging fan spaces!


Event Advisor & Web Developer – Swtorista: SWTORista is a popular media network owner focused on the online multiplayer game Star Wars: The Old Republic. She has developed a friendly and vibrant community among SWTOR players based on connecting players, inclusion and sharing knowledge. She is also the former Marketing Manager and Developer for a large retail convention with over 40,000 guests.


Charity & Costume Club Liaison – Bill: Bill Holmes has been involved in the Star Wars costuming community for over 15 years. Star Wars first captivated his interest as a child, with an amazing galaxy that often mirrored his own experiences growing up in the Cold War. Bill never expected to become involved in costuming, but after reading the Dark Horse comic series Crimson Empire, he was inspired to recreate the character Kir Kanos. For Bill, Star Wars came alive in Legends with books, video games, and comics. The Expanded Universe painted a picture of a more complex universe with the Fel Empire that represented the Lightside with the Imperial Knights, with Darth Malgus, a Sith who can love, and in Kir Kanos, an Imperial fighting the enemies of Palpatine alongside the New Republic. Bill brings over 10 years of experience in organizing conventions including Planet Comic Con and Celebration. He is our point person for collaborating with our charitable partner, the Peter Mayhew Foundation, as well as with the major Star Wars costuming organizations.


Networking Specialist – Ryan: Ryan’s life was filled with hope when he saw The Phantom Menace and the original trilogy as a small boy. Not long after, Vector Prime tried to crush this hope with the moon of Dobido, but he somehow still became a fan of the Expanded Universe from that moment on. He cosplays frequently, works in the television industry, and explores the world with the love of his life, all of which comes back to a galaxy far, far away. The aforementioned love proposed to him in a Bastila Shan costume, and he wants all Legends Con attendees to know it.


Social Media – Kendra: Kendra is, first and foremost, a champion of literacy and literature with 9 years experience working in libraries, graphic design, and publication. As a librarian she serves the teen population in her community by providing after school outlets and leadership opportunities. She also volunteers her time on American Library Association award committees and often finds herself under a pile of books she’s never read before (she had over 500 seemingly random books in her living room in the winter of 2022 during her time on the Alex Award Committee).
Beyond her professional and volunteering life, Kendra is also an enthusiastic enjoyer of the Star Wars franchise in all its forms. She is a member of several charity costume clubs and has completed 5 approved costumes (and counting). She’s currently planning a costume to first appear at LegendsCon in the fall.


Art Team & Events – Liisa: Liisa, the only Canadian on the team, is host of the podcast Legends Library, a podcast dedicated to the Legends books and Expanded Universe. She as well has experience in the organization of large music festivals and runway modeling events; and likes to dress as Lady Vader.


Art Team – Arakel & Isabella: Isabella and Arakel are SW creators and artists who have designed many Legends fan art pieces that they turn into enamel pins. Their online presence is community driven, and they have experience in the organization of pop up events and conventions.


Videographer & Media Support – Brian: Brian is a host for Barb’s Basement, a YouTube channel focused on discussing Star Wars books, comics, gaming and news. Brian has a focus on media and is a documentary filmmaker, and will be lending his video editing skills to the convention’s marketing team.


Technical Director – Patrick: Patrick is a software engineer and web developer, who is leading tech support for our team. He is also an editor for Star Wars: Supernatural Encounters.

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